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Project Name: A Brand Kindergarten in Yuelu District, Changsha City

Brand: VMKON Elastic Safety Sports Floor

Item: Large Square Elastic Safety Sports Floor (PRS Sports Floor Professional)

Color: light blue, blue, orange, yellow, white, dark, black, red

Use scene: kindergarten outdoor sports flooring grounds, for children to play in outdoor sports, protect children's ankles and sports safety, reduce children's sports injuries.

Services Process

01 Field survey of terrain and measurement of site size

02 Professional designers fit the park culture and make corresponding renderings

03 According to the required product, logistics to the installation site

04 Complete the installation and check accordingly before delivery

05 Post quality tracking service


The principal learned that the kindergartens in the nearby kindergartens have been used with the flexible and safe sports floor. After many kindergartens have proved that the quality of the sports floor is reliable and guaranteed, they call and contact us and ask to use other big kinders Checkered elastic safety sports floor to protect children's sports health.


According to our observations with the facts, the original floor of the kindergarten used concrete flooring. Children often fell when they were playing games and playing, and there were serious injuries, which was extremely bad for children's outdoor sports. When it comes to the rainy season in spring, you need to wait for the rain on the cement floor to dry before you can go outdoor. Put on the VMKON elastic and safe sports floor, as long as the debris on the sports floor is cleaned up, you can immediately carry out various game activities.


Children grow faster, but their bodies, bones, and joints are not yet mature, and they are likely to cause unnecessary damage during exercise. Due to the use of high-molecular thermoplastic elastomer materials, VMKON's flexible and safe sports flooring is not only soft and comfortable, but also has good elasticity and shock absorption, which helps protect children's ankles and joints and reduce sports-related injuries.


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