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Professional Competition

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The Mao Cup of Guangdong Provincial Small Basketball League played qualifiers in 14 cities. 

From November 2nd, it lasted for 3 weekends. Until December 1st, each group has decided the top 8 winners. 

Congratulations! At this point, the 2019 Guangdong Provincial Small Basketball League came to an end.


At 16:30 on December 1st, the Mao Cup · 2019 Guangdong Provincial Small Basketball League (U12 Men's and Women's) provincial finals came to a successful conclusion. 

An award ceremony was held at the Basketball Hall of Maozhi Cultural Park in Dalang Lane, Dongguan. 

Comrade Liu Kejun, Vice Chairman of the Chinese Basketball Association and President of the Guangdong Basketball Association; 

Comrade Liang Manfen, Deputy Director of the Publicity and Sports Bureau of Dalang Town, Dongguan; 

Comrade Chen Guide, Vice President of the Dongguan Basketball Association and President of the Dalang Basketball Association; Vice President of the Guangdong Basketball Association 

Comrade Li Jun, Secretary-General and Director of Youth Committee, 

Comrade Chen Zhuquan, General Manager of Dalang Town Asset Company and Secretary-General of Dalang Basketball Association, 

Comrade Duan Yuefeng, General Manager of Guangdong Meimeikang Sports Facilities Co., Ltd., 

and Comrade Lai Liyu, Regional Manager of Fujian Iverson Brand all attended The award ceremony. 

The award ceremony was presided over by referee Lu Xi. The referee of the finals, Comrade Chen Huancheng, announced the results of the competition.


Each stage of the game is so exciting that people keep clapping and applauding. 

The intensity of the game is no less than that of NBA. Especially in the U12 group, the competition is quite equal. 

The fierce competition is conceivable. 

In the women's group, the game of Zhuhai Qianshan Primary School VS Macau Peizheng Middle School once entered overtime. The score was flat again, and it was difficult to score. 

The final decision was made through free throws.

The little basketball league not only promotes children's love for basketball, but also provides a platform for children to communicate and learn, 

allowing them to learn more different basketball skills in the game and promote practical experience. 

In the game, guide them to actively face the victory and defeat, and harvest the fun brought by the game.


It is worth mentioning that the basketball rack used in the small basketball league is a multi-purpose intelligent lifting basketball rack. 

One basketball rack can simultaneously meet the height requirements of the U8 / U10 / U12 basketball racks. 

According to the competition group, one-button remote control lifts and supports three heights of 2.35 / 2.60 / 2.75m, and 3.05 meters can be customized.


More importantly, it supports the safe dunking of small athletes with conditions, and it also supports the small athletes' 360 ° turn and slam dunks. 

Compared with the height of the adult basketball rack, it enhances the appreciation of small basketball games and makes it easier for small athletes to play basketball. confidence.


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