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Passion spreads on the field,

Jumping is wonderful in confrontation,

The shot hit the basket,

Youth flew in the jump.

Only playing,

In order to really understand what is bloody basketball.


The 2019 "Landscape • Victoria Harbour Star Cup" Qingyuan's first three-on-three basketball TV invitational tournament and Guangdong's three-on-three basketball league qualifying match kicked off yesterday in Qingyuan on April 21, 2019!


VMKON is honored to be the designated sports floor brand for the first three-to-three basketball TV tournament in Qingyuan. 

For a long time, VMKON's vision is to create a safe and comfortable sports space for human beings. Its mission is to lead green sports, beautiful life and healthy life. 

Adhering to the values of cooperation, innovation, love and sharing, it has always insisted on continuous innovation and enhanced its services Quality and level, make our own efforts for the establishment and improvement of a safe sports environment for China's next generation.


The performance of VMKON elastic safety flooring has passed international certification - SGS RoHS and EN 14877, and its environmental protection has passed many national environmental certifications. 

Zero heavy metal content, formaldehyde, VOC and other contents are lower than European and American environmental standards.


In addition, due to its unique elasticity and lateral cushioning and shock absorption performance, VMKON's elastic safety flooring can also effectively protect the health of athletes 'knees and ankles, reduce athletes' injuries, and ensure that athletes can play safely and smoothly.

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