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Wuhan Jianke Times Fitness Club

Area: 1000sqm

Product Used: Colored Rubbr Tiles

Thickness: 20mm

Product Link: http://www.vmkon.com/index-product-view-ids-50.html

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Colored Gym Rubber Flooring Mat

Produced with high temperature and high pressure, the special high-density rubber layer, perfectly combined with the granules layer, that's our colored rubber tile. 

Its overed the defects of the traditional dyeing mat which is easily deformation, fade, aging, not durable.

Environmentally friendly materials, non-toxic and odorless

High-density surface layer, smooth and non-slip

The surface layer can be inlaid with custom patterns, whatever you want

Unique bottom groove design to reduce vibration and noise

Comfortable rebound, improve sports effect

Adopting hot film technology production process, environmentally friendly rubber primer and high density EPDM rubber surface layer are perfectly bonded after high temperature and high pressure. 

The service life is 3 times longer than that of traditional floor mats. It can resist 180 degrees and -20 degrees. 

The surface pattern can be customized to provide users with a safe, comfortable, healthy and environmentally friendly fitness experience.

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