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In 2015, VMKON took the lead in overcoming the research and development of new materials for polymer thermoplastic elastomers, 

successfully created elastic and safe sports floors, and passed various physical and chemical performance indicators of the European Union. 

With the expansion of VMKON's sales line, China's flexible and safe sports flooring has gradually started to appear in major sports venues and preschool education venues.


After five spring and autumn efforts, VMKON's business partners are as many as stars, and the number is constantly increasing. 

Due to the advantages of environmental protection, non-toxicity and safety, elastic and safe sports flooring is widely used in high-end sports venues, 

as well as preschool campuses and training institutions that pay more attention to the health of young people.

There are also many venues that use low-quality suspended assembled floors for paving. It will not take long for problems such as fading and arching to turn to us and use the latest elastic sports flooring. Whether it is using low-quality suspended flooring or our high-quality elastic sports flooring, you need to use it correctly.


In the following, VMKON will tell you how to extend the use time of the suspended floor through the usual small maintenance.

Five maintenance tips

First, thorough cleaning after installation

For the first installation, the ground debris is thoroughly cleaned, and the stained area is diluted with neutral detergent and scrubbed.

Second, keep the surface free of debris

Deal with the sundries on the surface in time, especially hard sundries and stones.

Third, strong acids and alkalis are strictly prohibited

Do not use inferior detergents such as strong acid and alkali for cleaning and scrubbing.

Fourth, organic solvents such as gasoline are strictly prohibited

Do not use strong organic solvents such as gasoline and thin materials for cleaning.

Five, frequent washing is the key

Usually flush with clean water to keep the floor clean. Helps extend usage time.


Encountered a large area of discoloration or uneven discoloration, this is the quality of the product, not that the maintenance is not good, the floor should be replaced. 

Therefore, when choosing a floor, you must choose a product with reliable quality. 

Frequently changing floor materials in a sports venue is not only time consuming, but also costly and so on. 

If you want to build a green and safe sports space once and for all, choose VMKON, and you will have a beautiful, safe and long-term sports floor.

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