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VMKON is the inventor and leading brand of flexible and safe sports flooring. It develops ideas for science, health, professionalism, and innovation for the education industry. 

The sports industry provides integrated solutions for healthy sports. It is oriented towards the comfort of athletes, reduces sports injuries, and creates green

Project name: A kindergarten in Dongguan

Floor brand: VMKON Elastic Safety Sports Floor

Floor Name: Anti-Telescopic Floor

Floor color: light green, yellow, dark gray, red, blue, orange, white, black

Use scenario: Kindergarten outdoor sports field, outdoor sports field laying suspended floor-anti-retractable floor for children to play sports, set up a small basketball playground, running track, station, and protective floor around the recreational facilities.


A kindergarten in Dongguan is famous for its outstanding education in Dongguan, and its teaching quality ranks within the top five in the city. 

Based on the child's education as the center, everything is for the healthy growth of the child, giving the child the best education, so that the child wins on the starting line.

After many inspections and comparisons, the headmaster finally selected VMKON anti-telescoping safety sports floor as the ground material for the outdoor venue of the kindergarten. 

Put a layer of VMKON anti-retractable sports floor in all areas outside the kindergarten to give children the best outdoor sports venue.


The biggest advantage of the anti-telescoping sports floor is that it can solve the problem of thermal expansion, cold shrinkage and arching of large-area paving floors. 

At present, the quality problems of many suspended floors on the market are worrying, especially in terms of thermal expansion and contraction. 

In order to solve this big problem, Aesthetics uses an independently developed anti-expansion joint design to solve thermal expansion and contraction arch The problem.


Children are in the stage of vigorous growth and development. All parts of the body are yet to be developed, and they are very fragile and must be taken care of. 

VMKON elastic and safe sports floor has extremely strong elasticity, which is beneficial to protect children's ankles, knee joints, spine and other important parts from being injured, and protect children's sports health.


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