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Indoor and outdoor sports wooden floor Ⅲ - Portable System

Item NO: VSK-010222

First Outdoor Wooden Floor for Professional Competition

High polymer synthetic material + high elastic rubber foot pad
Life Time
Over 20 years
Outdoor/Indoor All Kinds of Sport Courts
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Indoor and outdoor sports wooden floor Ⅲ - Portable System1597045120617507.jpg


1. High temperature exposure, no damage: no warping, no cracking, no deformation

2. Soaked in rain and water, intact: no mold, no expansion, no corrosion

3. Termites decay and become history: anti-termites, the base does not rust

Indoor courts-no longer afraid of water leakage, resurgence, ant erosion

Outdoor court-not only enjoy the fresh outdoor air, but also experience the comfort of an indoor wooden floor court


Eliminate maintenance costs and reduce operation and maintenance costs:

1. No need for waxing and maintenance, saving thousands of dollars every year than solid wood flooring

2. It can be used for 20 years, which has much longger life time than solid wood flooring

3. The floor can be disassembled and used many times, with high cost performance

4. Without fear of water vapor, the ice hockey rink can be converted into a basketball court when it is idle to increase the frequency of use of the arena

The craftsmanship is solid enough to be at ease underfoot:

1. No fear of falling, no slippage of the soles of the feet: polymer surface material, non-slip, wear-resistant, and comfortable texture

2. Not afraid of injury, no pressure on knees: elastic body can be laminated to the foot pad, continuous shock absorption, no fear of impact

3. Not afraid of pressure, 300 kg can be carried: metal anti-rust double keel structure, super strong force, solid


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