Dedicated Tools for Progressive Agriculture
Providing specialized solutions for fish, poultry, and pork farming.
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Quality Equipment for Enhanced Healthcare
A selection of mortuary solutions and hospital furniture to support healthcare environments.
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Equipment for Efficient Energy Solutions
Heat pumps, energy storage systems, and renewable energy solutions for sustainable living.
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Driving Multi-Sector Solutions

Who We Are

VMKON is a pioneering multi-sector solution provider, offering a diverse range of sustainable and innovative equipment solutions across education, energy, healthcare, and agriculture. We are committed to driving growth, productivity, and progress through our top-tier products and services.

Our mission emphasizes empowering industries with quality, sustainable solutions, and our vision places us as a future global leader for holistic solutions, enhancing lives, and fostering communities that prioritize knowledge, health, and sustainability.

Fueling Progress Across Industries

What we do

At VMKON, we deliver innovative and sustainable equipment solutions across key sectors: education, energy, healthcare, and agriculture. Our offering ranges from advanced educational tools and green energy technologies to essential healthcare infrastructure and agricultural innovations.

Technical College Networks
Crafting innovative educational tools to shape the minds of tomorrow.
green energy scaled Home
Green Energy
Driving eco-friendly change with advanced green energy technologies.
Illustration Of Remote control Agricultural Machinery
Promoting sustainable farming with cutting-edge agricultural solutions.
Hospital Building
Improving patient outcomes with essential, high-quality healthcare equipment.
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VMKON Advantage

Why Choose Us

We provide a whole host of services from the inspection of the project to its final completion. The goal of our services is to make sure that our customers needs are satisfied and their projects are successfully delivered and completed.
  • Manufacturing and Sourcing
  • Project Consultation
  • Quality Control and Inspection
We have a vast network of suppliers. Rather than going to different dealers and negotiating with them individually, you can save time by using our services and we can manage the rest.
When you reach out to us, we provide you with a dedicated project manager that helps you decide what type of supplies are the best for your project and budget.
Each of our products and the products of our partners are inspected for quality control in order to make sure that our customers get the best products.
Vision Makers

Team Members

VMKON has many different departments that work together to provide the best solutions to our customers. Our marketing department creates campaigns that target customers across the globe, while our engineering department makes cutting-edge technology.

Marketing Team
Project Team
Technical team
Technical Team
Design Team
Design Team
R&D Department
R&D Department
Our Success

Our Projects

VMKON has constructed over 100 school and universities projects all over the world. Some projects are very large while others are small. Projects also span over many continents including Asia, Africa and Europe.

Nansha No. 2 Middle School Project
Nansha No. 2 Middle School Project
Nansha No. 2 Middle School covers an area of 140 mu with a building area of 40,488 square meters.
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Ghana 34 NVTI Government Project
Ghana 34 NVTI Government Project
We collaborated with the local government in Ghana provide educational services all across their country.
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Huamei English Experimental Middle School
Huamei English Experimental Middle School
Modern and innovative English School constructed inside Huawei, Guangdong, China.
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