Professional in Sports Competitions

VMKON uses self-developed polymer thermoplastic elastomer material to make the resilient sport flooring which performs at the highest skill level. Naturally fitting the ground. Over 90% ball rebound rate.

Safe Playing - best combination of abrasion protection and dry traction

Over 15 years R&D and production experience to adjust the perfect weight and thickness to make sure our sport floor tiles can reduce joint strain and fatigue and reduce damage to the body's bones and ligaments to help people play safely for long peri...

Environment Protection - Zero waste, 100% recycle

VMKON only use food grade material for sport tiles. Heavy metal and formaldehyde content is 20 times lower than the standard. No harm to human and also the environment.

Building Professional and Safety Sport Court

Pass SGS ROHS Environment
Protection Testing and EN14877
Strong Flexibility, Shore Hardness 75-85A Adjustable, 360 Degrees Folded, High Elasticity, High Resistance
Food Grade Material. Non-toxic and Environment Friendly.
Suitable for All Outdoor Sports. Last for Over 10 Years.


VMKON is the Leader of Combining Profession, Safety, Environment Protection and Convenience in Sports Flooring.